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Squarespace 6 Upgrade

I finished upgrading my personal website to Squarespace 6 this weekend. (I've had a Squarespace 5 site for a few years now. I spend a lot of time in HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript for my work and volunteer sites. For my own site, I just want easy. Squarespace has been just that.)

The old home page:

The old homepage

The new home page:

The new home page

The old blog page:

The old blog page

The new blog page:

The new blog page

Some initial thoughts on the new platform and my new choices:

  • Squarespace 6 is still missing some functionality, but I like where it's going with responsive design.
  • I love the full-image front page of the Front Row template. I'm not a photographer with a portfolio to promote, but I have always preferred clean, minimalist home pages to busy, cluttered ones.
  • I'm going to keep my social integration light for now. From what I read in the forums, Squarespace will be continuing to polish the widgets and developer tools. I'll wait for Flickr (hint, hint) and expanded display options for Instagram and Twitter. (I may, however, decide that I like this new, stripped down look too much and forgo any linking of accounts, except for those on the about page.)
  • One reason I may go without a social sidebar is because I *love* the mobile implementation of this theme. It's like my favorite iPad app, Readability, built into my own site.) I'm also a big fan of white space.
  • I'm still getting comfortable with my typography decisions. After reading Information Architects' fantastic Responsive Typography post, I decided to make the shift to larger (16px) type. It's growing on me quickly, but still makes me pause when I first visit a page.
  • The transfer process was pretty painless. I have some clean-up to do on images in some of my older posts (size, alignment), but my content moved over with one click and no massaging.
  • In case some problems crept past me, I had fun with my 404 page.

Looking forward to tweaking more as the new platform evolves. Nice work, Squarespace.