Melissa and Jeremy@actionhero and @mrmacnology at ITSC 2012 (now called IntegratED PDX)

Corin and I were at the Oregon School Law Conference this week. We laughed our way through Charles Leitch’s session on technology and social media in K-12. After years of yelling loudly about Internet FUD, it was nice to sit back and listen to someone else preach it and preach it well….

We backchanneled Leitch’s talk on Twitter, of course. Thanks to some creative hashtagging (poundsigning!), we connected with two new-to-us Oregon education rock stars: Adam Howell (@TheDumbJockMyth) and Sam Leach (@Mr_Leach_in_3rd).

Score. I love those moments and connections.

So, Adam, here’s my list of connected Oregon educators. Looking forward to growing our #ORedu list… 

already added:

(Note: I have more in my list, but culled anyone who hasn’t tweeted in a few months. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone.)