laptop and egg cup

Thanks to Stephan Geyer for the Flickr Creative Commons image above.

Better late than never, Don? (Happy Thanksgiving…and Christmas, too.)

I still scan through RSS feeds a couple times each week, even though Twitter is killing RSS. (I’m a loyal fan. Or maybe I’m just getting old and stuck in my ways. I still love Flickr and Delicious, too. Get off my lawn, you damn kids!)

My feeds:

  • My Etcetera File has my fun and home feeds. (You can probably disregard a few, like Smart Bitches, Trashy Books.)
  • My Data and Information File has software, data analysis, and stats feeds, like Joel on Software, Information is Beautiful, and A List Apart.
  • My News File contains the basics like The Wall Street Journal and New York Times.
  • My Tech File is a catch-all with tech and law blogs, The Verge, MIT Tech Review, et al.

My saves:

  • My Readability List (not RSS) is random. I try to carve out time on Sundays to read the handful of longform articles that get lost during a busy week.
  • My Delicious List is perhaps even more random. It doesn’t include many articles or full sites, but lots of tools, funny posts, and long-term archiving of cool stuff.

(One of these days, when I have more time, I’m going to create an XSLT file for the OPML files, but waiting for that time has made me slow to respond already. Don’t hold your breath, just in case.)