Food52 | Teddie’s Apple Cake

Food52 | Teddie’s Apple Cake

Food52 Teddie's apple cake with vanilla ice cream

Weekend goodness….

Dana Nguyen, of, has been enabling my Food52 crush this month. I was a casual lurker for most of last year. Now I’m saving recipes, commenting, and testing my own recipes to share.

I thought Tad’s Roasted Potatoes was going to be my favorite save of the month. I made it two weekends in a row and have decided to put it into rotation with PW’s Crash Hot Potatoes as my go-to for family dinners.

And then I made Teddie’s Apple Cake. I’m done.

I played with the mix, using half white sugar and half brown, half white flour and half whole wheat, and cranberries instead of raisins. It’s the best cake I’ve ever made….and maybe even the best cake I’ve ever eaten. My amateur photography doesn’t do justice to the chunky apple goodness.

Be well. Eat well.